Learning from Authoritative Security Experiment Results

The 2016 LASER Workshop


May 26, 2016

08:45 - Opening Remarks

08:50 - Panel Discussion: Challenges and Pitfalls in the Design and Execution of Human-Technology Based Experiments

09:35 - Paper Presentation: Kharon dataset: Android malware under a microscope, Nicolas Kiss, Jean-Francois Lalande, Mourad Leslous and (P) Valérie Viet Triem Tong.

10:20 - Break

10:50 - Paper Presentation: The Effect of Repeated Login Prompts on Phishing Susceptibility, (P) Peter Snyder, Michael K. Reiter and Chris Kanich.

11:35 - Paper Presentation: Towards robust experimental design for user studies in security and privacy, (P) Kat Krol, Jonathan M. Spring, Simon Parkin and M. Angela Sasse.

12:20 - Lunch

13:30 - Keynote: Understanding the Cognitive Science of Cyber Security, Nancy Cooke, Arizona State University

14:30 - Paper Presentation: Results and Lessons Learned from a User Study of Display Effectiveness with Experienced Cyber Security Network Analysts, Christopher Garneau, Robert Erbacher, Renee Etoty and (P) Steve Hutchinson.

15:15 - Break

15:45 - Paper Presentation: Combining Qualitative Coding and Sentiment Analysis: Deconstructing Perceptions of Usable Security in Organisations, (P) Ingolf Becker, Simon Parkin and Angela Sasse.

16:30 - Paper Presentation: Effect of Cognitive Depletion on Password Choice, (P) Thomas Gross, Kovila P. L. Coopamootoo and Amina Al-Jabri.

17:15 - Closing Discussion

17:30 - Adjourn

(P) = presenter

Important Dates

11/3/15 - Call for Papers

1/29/16 - Submissions Due

2/29/16 - Authors Notified
3/20/16 - Registration Open
4/01/16 - Student Travel Grant Application Deadline
4/10/16 - Program Agenda
4/15/16 - Early Bird Reg. Ends
5/26/16 - Workshop at IEEE S&P
6/30/16 - Final Papers Due

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